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Stakeholders Engagement Program

Internal and External Stakeholder Engagement is a strategic objective of 2040’s Corporate Communications Strategic Directions. KIPIC adopts a proactive and robust outline for the internal and external stakeholder engagement strategic directions. A stakeholder is defined as anyone directly or indirectly affected by KIPIC’s projects, or those that may have an interest in or influence over our projects.

Stakeholders may include governmental entities, local communities, private individuals, national and local authorities, neighbouring projects, non-governmental organizations etc. The plan includes guidelines for external and internal stakeholder engagement through the project planning, construction, operation and decommissioning stages of Al Zour Complex projects. The guidelines are reviewed annually to incorporate new findings from previous stakeholder engagement exercises.

Corporate Objectives

KIPIC firmly believes that its stakeholder engagement strategy is the outcome of the successful integration of economic, environmental, and social considerations into the corporate strategy and operations to maximize and sustain the corporation’s growth and positive impact to all stakeholders, including investors, employees, customers, suppliers, and community members.

External stakeholder Engagement Strategy

Our external stakeholder engagement strategy focuses on establishing a strong proactive engagement approach with our identified stakeholders (governmental and non-governmental entities). It includes the continuation of the established strategy with the design of guiding principles, identifying the different audiences and using the appropriate tactics for each one of these stakeholders. We strive to develop an analyst programme with the objective of utilising external influencers to help shape public opinion of KIPIC, a thought leadership programme with the objective of establishing KIPIC’s reputation as a local and international oil sector specialist, and a local media programme.


Internal Stakeholder Engagement Strategy

The objective of this initiative is to enhance internal communications within KIPIC. The initiative covers the development of new channels for communication and includes unions as an internal key stakeholder. The establishment of an employee ambassador programme that will instil pride, whilst ensuring awareness and adherence to become a KIPIC representative. The initiative will identify management responsibility in communications, implement individual KPMs and coordinate coordination with the HR function on employer branding, supporting culture and values. Furthermore, this initiative supports the development / usage of the employee engagement survey to capture measurements of performance on internal communications