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Youth Advisory Board


What is the Youth Advisory Board?

The Youth Advisory Board (YAB), is one of the programs through which KIPIC channels the input and harnesses the powerful energy of the younger generation at KIPIC.

In the year 2020, KIPIC set a precedence in launching the oil sector’s first Youth Advisory Board bridging the generations gap and giving the youth a voice and empowering a legion of young leaders.

Establishing the Youth Advisory Board supports Kuwait’s 2035 vision to empower Kuwaiti Youth to lead in every field and in every international benchmark. Central to this vision is first taking a learning posture – listening to the voices of the Youth, responding to their needs in an effective and efficient manner. The ecosystem of Youth Councils are the crucial actors in implementing and executing KIPIC’s Human Resources 2040 strategy.

YAB provided a platform that enabled youth to share their input into the KIPIC’s strategic opportunities and challenges. The key mission is to unlock the full potential of the young population and serve as an active resource, providing solutions that help drive the Company’s strategic intent.

The organizational structure

The YAB team comprises of members come from across KIPIC and represent a diverse group of backgrounds, and work experiences. They provide advice, ideas, and insights to Top management, and engage with other young employees on the changes taking place throughout KIPIC and the industry.


YAB has become a self-sustaining program, and it’s become a trusted source sought for advisory by organizations within the Company.


One of YAB’s signature products is the Youth Day Symposium, the cross teams site visits and induction program to orient young entrants.