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Environmental and Social Complaint Hotline

The purpose of this procedure is to provide a framework for the management of Environment and Social complaints received from external interested parties including local community, media, etc. on the general operations of KIPIC.

A complaint / grievance can be made in several ways.

  • Complainant to fill Environment & Social External Complaints Form (A) in the ‘Complaints Form’ – attached as Appendix-1 of Environment and Social External Complaint Recording & Tracking Procedure (KIPIC/HSE/ENCSR/20/1517).
  • Through communications letter/phone directly to the KIPIC management or Directly by e-mail to or Direct call at: 170 (KIPIC’s EDC).

The complaint management process allows the Company to increase company image / satisfaction of local community and to make continual improvements through:

  • Accountability by commitment to policies related to Environment and Social aspects
  • Management of potential complaints
  • Addressing systemic and recurring complaints
KIPIC will inform the complainant/grievant about the investigation that will take place and could be included in the investigation process, wherever practicable, to ensure participation except when the complainant wants to be anonymous and will be provided with a timescale within which they should expect to receive a response.

Complaint resolution is based on the outcome of the investigation, the action items for closing the complaint will be prepared by KIPIC to ensure that the grievance does not re-appear. If the complainant/grievant is satisfied, then, KIPIC shall seek sign-off on the complaint entry. To the extent possible, the complainant and the respondent will be notified of the findings of the process. However, the investigation process and its outcome remain confidential.

All complaints/grievances are to be recorded using the grievance logging forms and registers. This includes details of the grievance, the grievant, and ultimately the steps taken to resolve the grievance. A master database will be maintained by the KIPIC to record and track the management of all grievances. Complaint Register shall be reviewed at regular intervals to ensure that all complaints are suitably & timely replied to. Bad actors causing repeatability of complaints shall also be identified and sent for follow-up. KIPIC will keep a track of actions taken to ensure that the complaint is adequately addressed and generates a report on the status of closure of complaints and highlights for the management.

E-mail address and the contact number for submitting the Environmental & Social related Complaints are provided at KIPIC webpage ( During the entire process of receiving a complaint and close-out, the confidentiality of information received and any expressed wishes of the complainant for confidentiality shall be protected to as great an extent as is possible.