Scam and Fraud Alert

Fake employment

KIPIC has been notified of several fake employment offers emailed to job seekers by unauthorized individuals or groups claiming to represent KIPIC and requesting personal or financial information to process the job application. The employment offer may appear to be legitimate, and will include KIPIC’s logo and employment information such as job details, salary and benefits, etc. and part of KIPIC’s effort to prevent prospective candidates from falling victims to such perpetrators’ acts, several guidelines have been summoned to help you identify the fraudulent communication.


Please be advised that these fraudulent communication and fake job offers are illegitimate and are not authorized by KIPIC or any of its affiliates, and therefore, shall not be liable for any damage occurred in connection to those fraudulent correspondence.

How to identify the fake communication?

  • KIPIC will never ask for any fees in any part of its recruitment process.
  • Any email communication with KIPIC’s officials will always come from emails ending with “”, any other email format is considered a fraud.
  • KIPIC will never make job offers without initiating job interviews within its own premises.
  • The perpetrator will ask for payment to process visa, work permits, immigration documents, etc. as a condition to accept the job, and KIPIC never ask for money for this kind of process
  • KIPIC will never request you to submit your CV in a website.

What should you do if you receive a fraud recruitment email?

  • Do not respond to any unsolicited recruitment offer.
  • Do not disclose any personal information.
  • Do not send money.
  • Keep the fraud message and contact your local enforcement authority.
  • Contact us to check the validity of the job offer, please note any CV or inquiries about job vacancies will not be responded to.​