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Sheikh Jaber Causeway Vaccination Centre


The Jaber Vaccination Center Causeway is one of the largest vaccination centers and the first of its kind through car service in the State of Kuwait, with an approximate area of ​​30,000 square meters, and a capacity to receive 5,000 people per day. In April 2021, the Council of Ministers issued a decision assigning the Kuwait Petroleum Corporation, represented by the Kuwait Integrated Petroleum Industries Company (KIPIC) and the Kuwait Oil Company, to work under the supervision of the Ministry of Health to prepare the necessary medical equipment for the establishment of a center for vaccination against the Corona virus through the car service on the South Island at Sheikh Jaber Bridge Al-Ahmad Al-Sabah, which connects the cities of Kuwait and Al-Subiya, 4 kilometers from the port of Shuwaikh, with the aim of strengthening community immunity and accelerating the pace of vaccinations, which contributes to the return of normal life.

Immediately after receiving the assignment, Integrated Petroleum (KIPIC) quickly formed an emergency work team that included an elite of Kuwaiti employees to work on implementing and establishing the center and preparing it with the necessary medical equipment, under the supervision and follow-up of the Kuwaiti Ministry of Health, and in coordination with all relevant state agencies.

Integrated Petroleum, in cooperation with the Kuwait Oil Company and the concerned state authorities, including the Ministry of Health, the Ministries of Labours and Interior, the Public Authority for Roads and the Public Fire Force, succeeded in completing and equipping the center and handing it over to the Ministry of Health within a record time of nearly a month since the start of work in April 2021, when the Ministry launched the actual operation on May 30, 2021.


It contains clinics, emergency rooms, and vaccination booths, in addition to booths dedicated to storing medicines, pharmacy, support services, and others for ministries and institutions operating in the place. The center also includes 10 lanes designated for car owners wishing to be vaccinated, and each point contains two vaccination cabins with a total of 20 cabins accommodating 80 cars at one time.


Parking lot

A parking lot has been prepared for vehicles near the temporary petrol station to be extra in anticipation of any congestion. Within minutes, the center receives 80 vaccination vehicles and 46 others to wait inside, where each cabin can vaccinate drivers of 4 vehicles at the same time.

Integrated Petroleum, in cooperation with Kuwait Oil, was keen to provide the center with full services and infrastructure, including electricity, water, air conditioning and sanitation. The Ministry of Health has provided and equipped the center with all medical equipment and tools to ensure that the service is provided in accordance with the necessary quality and safety, including the provision of vaccines, medical and pharmaceutical equipment, in addition to ensuring the training of the nursing sector and administrators in the center.

Smooth Movement

The paths and ways for cars to enter the vaccination booths were defined in a smooth way, and colored paths for vehicles were drawn on the floors according to the direction and the color of the booth, containing the colors “orange, red, violet, blue”, while the green color was specified for the services of government agencies and teams participating in the organization. In addition to placing indicative signs over the bridge, which indicate the locations of entry and exit from it to speed up the pace of vaccination, and to facilitate those wishing to receive the vaccine, and to ensure the vaccination procedures easily and smoothly. The Ministry of Interior has also established two security points to supervise the organization.


Green spaces

Integrated Petroleum and Kuwait Oil company were keen to add green spaces through the natural agriculture surrounding the center, starting with palms with approximately 100 palm trees distributed on the sides of the roads and allocating an entire agricultural area at the entrance, in a move that contributes to increasing the green area and adding an aesthetic touch to the site that can be used in the future.