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We inspire a core belief

Make More Possible

At KIPIC we strive to build a fully optimized and best-integrated facility to world class standards and challenge ourselves daily to make more possible, from the resources; unlock potential of our employees and stakeholders to “Making More Possible” a reality and thereby “Truly Energize Kuwait”.

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KIPIC Overview

Kuwait Integrated Petroleum Industries Company (KIPIC) was established on 18th October 2016 as a new Subsidiary to Kuwait Petroleum Corporation (KPC). Bringing together some of the best industry expertise and world-class facilities, KIPIC’s mission is to be the leader in integrated refining and petrochemicals operations and liquefied natural gas import in Kuwait’s Al-Zour Complex.

KIPIC is responsible for operating and managing the largest grassroot integrated complex for refining, petrochemicals manufacture businesses and liquefied natural gas import facilities at Al-Zour complex.  


KIPIC at a Glance



Barrels Per Day


3,000 BBT/D

To Meet Kuwait Gas Demand



Aromatics & Polypropylene


0.5 WT%

Very Low Sulphur Fuel Oil

Our Business

We have been entrusted with building the State of Kuwait’s second-largest oil city. Our operations are based at Al Zour Complex located South of Kuwait which will become Kuwait’s largest industrial city. Al Zour Complex includes three mega-projects:

  • Al-Zour Refinery
  • The Liquefied Natural Gas Import Facility (LNGI)
  • Petrochemicals Complex