Our Brand

Our Brand strategy is the lens we use to help inform and inspire how we operate as an organisation. It helps inspire the way we work and tells the story of who we are, how it is changing the landscape of Kuwait, the industry & most importantly why we exist.

As a company, Kuwait Integrated Petroleum Industries Company (KIPIC) will energise Kuwait. We will create the energy the country needs to thrive, energising its private sector, its people and the country as a whole. To ensure the biggest impact, we will leverage decades of know-how and expertise to build and fully optimise the worlds best integrated facilities.

As an organisation we are always looking for ways to make more possible. Be it from the resources themselves, how we integrate our world-class facilities, how we operate, the people we hire or the returns we give to our shareholders - we strive to make more possible. This is what inspires us, motivates us and is what will differentiate us – it is our philosophy as an organisation. Our Organisational Philosophy is to Make more possible.

How we do it?
Through world Class Facilities: The most advanced facilities that deliver maximum value for Kuwait through exceptional integration.

Through People & Process: Using our well defined values to inspire the way our people behave, KIPIC will achieve operational excellence.
It is only by making more possible that we can energise Kuwait.