About us

Kuwait Integrated Petroleum Industries Company (KIPIC) was established by the State of Kuwait in 2016 and is a new subsidiary of Kuwait Petroleum Corporation (KPC). Bringing together some of the best industry expertise and world-class facilities, our mission is to be the leader in integrated refining and petrochemicals operations and liquefied natural gas import in Kuwait’s Al-Zour complex.
In everything we do, we inspire a core belief; to make more possible. We will become the biggest company of its kind, offering thousands of jobs to inspire the next generation of young Kuwaitis. We will nurture a culture of operational excellence, corporate responsibility and maximising shareholder value, becausewhen we make more possible, we elevate Kuwait and inspire new possibilities.

Our Brand

Our Brand strategy is the lens we use to help inform and inspire how we operate as an organisation. It helps inspire the way we work and tells the story of who we are, how it is changing the landscape of Kuwait, the industry & most importantly why we exist.

As a company, Kuwait Integrated Petroleum Industries Company (KIPIC) will energise Kuwait. We will create the energy the country needs to thrive, energising its private sector, its people and the country as a whole. To ensure the biggest impact, we will leverage decades of know-how and expertise to build and fully optimise the worlds best integrated facilities.

As an organisation we are always looking for ways to make more possible. Be it from the resources themselves, how we integrate our world-class facilities, how we operate, the people we hire or the returns we give to our shareholders - we strive to make more possible. This is what inspires us, motivates us and is what will differentiate us – it is our philosophy as an organisation. Our Organisational Philosophy is to Make more possible.

How we do it?
Through world Class Facilities: The most advanced facilities that deliver maximum value for Kuwait through exceptional integration.

Through People & Process: Using our well defined values to inspire the way our people behave, KIPIC will achieve operational excellence.
It is only by making more possible that we can energise Kuwait.
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Company Message

Hatem Ibrahim Al-Awadhi ( Acting CEO )

Dear Colleagues, Employees are the most important asset of an organization. They are the most essential resource to manage businesses and promote value creation. Therefore, and from day one, we at KIPIC have carefully acquired our employees who so far have contributed in building a sustainable corporate system. We were also very keen in having Kuwaiti Under Development employees (UDs) join the organization for the energy that they would bring along with creativity and strong will for making more possible. Having Kuwaiti UDs join KIPIC will also fulfil part of our commitment to community by creating new job opportunities for fresh graduates. KIPIC managed to attract 103 UDs from different academic disciplines with largest number -especially engineers- joining groups at Al Zour refinery directorate to prepare for the anticipated AL Zour Refinery start up. Some UDs joined corporate groups and major projects and each have commenced their duties in respective teams. In this context, we would like to emphasize on our commitment to continuously develop our employees especially UDs through the careful deployment of training programs that would align with actual business needs and distinctive capabilities of individuals. We would also like to encourage all employees to exert all possible effort and time to help train and develop UDs by making necessary information and data available and explaining business processes and work flow as needed. This would preferably be done in an interactive, transparent and motivating manner to help stimulate UDs thinking to ask questions, challenge ideas and be eager to learn more. This would help them gradually and fundamentally build up capabilities to make business judgements and handle assigned tasks in an independent and efficient manner over time. We would also take this opportunity to address the message to our UDs; you are KIPIC’s “first generation” and nucleus of a new corporate establishment under which major existing and future projects are being or will be developed. This avails to you a very unique learning opportunity that might not be accessible later. We are proud of you being part of KIPIC family for your momentum and high energy to give and innovate. We have our hopes on you for high level of genuine performance and we look forward to having this message inspire all of you to seek learning, development and active engagement in all tasks and assignments that you are involved with. Be assured that your career path and development will continue to reside on top of our priorities. Hatem Ibrahim Al-Awadhi Acting Chief Executive Officer Kuwait Integrated Petroleum Industries Company

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To manufacture refined petroleum and petrochemical products and supply LNG in a reliable, efficient, safe and environmentally responsible manner to meet Kuwait’s energy demand, maximise profit through integration, develop a professional and competent workforce, and enable the development of the local economy.

Our Mission

To manufacture refined petroleum and petrochemical products and supply LNG in a reliable, efficient, safe and environmentally responsible manner to meet Kuwait’s energy demand, maximise profit through integration, develop a professional and competent workforce, and enable the development of the local economy.

Our Vision

To be a leader in integrated refining and petrochemical operations and LNG supply that maximises shareholder value, achieves operational excellence, unlocks the potential of our people and cares for the community.

Our Values

Our Story

Over the last decade, we have seen just how volatile and challenging the oil industry can be. Despite sharp declines in the market, we have always been forward thinking and progressive. The decade most importantly revealed that integration is the future. We know just how blessed we are to live in a country rich in natural energy resources. And we know that by harnessing this energy, we can create a platform that changes Kuwait dramatically, that energises the nation and its people, and leads the way in the private sector.
KIPIC is entering a new era for the oil industry, a unique organisation that’s inspired by integration and built on the best minds and expertise across the sector, head office and subsidiary companies. Using over 80 years’ global industry expertise, we’re ready to build and fully optimise the world’s best-integrated facility and we challenge ourselves daily to make more possible, from the resources themselves,to unlocking potential in our people and stakeholder return. This is what motivates our ambitious vision, because only by making more possible can we truly energise Kuwait.

Our Team

Hamza Bakhsh
Hamza Bakhsh
Chairman of the Board
Fahad Fahhad Al-Ajmi
Fahad Fahad Alajmi
Deputy Chairman
Mohammed Al-Mutairi
Mohammed Almutairi
Board Member
Mohammed Al Farhoud
Mohammed Al Farhoud
Board Member
Waleed Al-Hashash
Waleed Al-Hashash
Board Member


KIPIC was launched on May 1st 2017 and is responsible for operating and managing refining, liquefied natural gas, and petrochemicals activities of Al-Zour complex. This consists of the following three facilities, currently under construction and anticipated to be operational progressively from 2019 to 2024.