Upcoming scheduled Tenders

Upcoming Scheduled Tenders

We would like to bring to your immediate attention of a fake advertisement campaign by scammers, targeting Vendors, Contractors and Suppliers of K-companies, pretending to be one of the K-Companies. The fake fax messages received by some of the vendors have asked them to contact the fake magazine directly through their fake magazine email address to purchase advertisement spaces ranging from 300 KD to 8,000 KD; to support a special publication of such magazines being made for K-Companies. These fake faxes contained K-Company names, logos, letterheads, Fax Identification numbers and signatures copy of management, to cheat the receiver in believing such correspondences are original. Two fake magazines (''TIME industrial Business Magazine" and "Industrial World Business'') were identified, being operated by individual(s) familiar with the magazine industry, as the content and design of the magazines and websites do not look suspicious despite the fact they are scams. We hereby request you to be aware and alert of such scams and report back to us (addressing Team Leader Quality Assurance & Commercial Support, contact telephone: 23899270 or email : f.fadhli@kipic.com .kw) immediately, if such fake fax messages or emails not originated from KIPIC's official Commercial Web System (CWP) are received. Also, report if fake emails with similar faked source identity are received from domains other than the K-company's official IT domains.

KIPIC was launched on May 1st 2017 and is responsible for operating and managing refining, liquefied natural gas, and petrochemicals activities of Al-Zour complex. This consists of a total of six Al-Zour locations

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