A batch of fresh Petroleum Engineer graduates join KIPIC

14 May 19

Through a local employment announcement

Continuing with the plan to fill vacancies, Kuwait Integrated Petroleum Industries Company (KIPIC) welcomed 10 Petroleum Engineer graduates; 7 females and 3 males, distributed as follows: 3 Engineers in the Planning Group, 2 Engineers in the Operations Group (Al- Zour Refinery), 1 Engineer in the Operations Group (LNGI) and 4 Engineers in the Technical Services Group (Al Zour Refinery). They will start work immediately upon completion of recruitment procedures.

KIPIC was launched on May 1st 2017 and is responsible for operating and managing refining, liquefied natural gas, and petrochemicals activities of Al-Zour complex. This consists of a total of six Al-Zour locations

KIPIC Locations

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