April 2020

  • KIPIC hosts a visit Minister of Health to inspect KIPIC Medical Centre
  • KIPIC donates 300 ration boxes for the families afflicted with the current situation
  • KIPIC had formed a special committee to donate and distribute food baskets and daily meals to those afflicted by the current situation 
  • KIPIC Hosts a visit by H.E Minister of Oil, Acting Minister of Electricity & Water Dr. Khaled Al Fadhel to KIPIC's Medical Centre
  • The Prime Minister visits KIPIC Medical Centre
  • KIPIC celebrated the operation of the last major distribution station No. 7 in the Al-Zour refinery, which supplies power stations Units
  • KIPIC donates charity boxes to Direct Aid Society to be distributed during the Holy Month of Ramadan
  • KIPIC entrusted to set up a new Field Hospital in collaboration with KOC &Ministry of Health

KIPIC was launched on May 1st 2017 and is responsible for operating and managing refining, liquefied natural gas, and petrochemicals activities of Al-Zour complex. This consists of a total of six Al-Zour locations

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